"When was the last time you touched someone?" - Under the Skin (2013)


liv lemoyne - Sex noll tva

We are the best! / Vi är bäst! (dir. Lukas Moodysson, 2013) [x]

Marlene Dietrich with her husband, Rudolf Sieber, at a train station in Paris. Both arrived from Hollywood, May 20th, 1930

I can’t do this anymore,

I need my best friend.

what ur fav new wave band says about u

adam and the ants: I will have sex with anybody
the b-52's: I will spit in your face and laugh
duran duran: I am a vain piece of shit
depeche mode: I blend into walls
erasure: gay
eurythmics: do you know how many shades of eyshadow I own? like at least a dozen
falco: I don't even speak german
inxs: I am wearing a bandanna and drinking cheap beer
japan: I'm special. so special
joy division: not even a new wave band also go fuck yourself
kate bush: I am an artsy piece of shit
new order: I never knew my true parents I was raised by a drum machine
the police: I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself
roxy music: the leather underpants I'm wearing are really chafing me
talking heads: what
u2: I appreciate the finer things in life and love getting my ass kicked
ub40: I think I'm an incredibly diverse and tolerant person

Five Times Meme - give me a character, and a situation, and I’ll write you 5 ficlets on 5 times that situation occurred


… and maybe 1 time it didn’t.

the-strawberry-fox asked:
After you receive this you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten favorite followers! Doooo it :))

omg I totally didn’t see this woah woah. THANKS MAN ILY TOO :)

1. I got a tooth pulled when I was really young (like 6 idk) and it was such a bad experience for me that I’ve refused injections at dentists ever since. I take the drill without anesthetic like the tough guy I am. (this will change soon because I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I’m not that tough)

2. I have a guinness world record! technically…(i use this whenever anyone asks me about facts because it’s the best one).

3. I have four tattoos (six if you wanna split my most recent one up into each part but eh)

4. my aunt was a ballerina/sexy 60s dancer girl (??) and once when my dad was a kid he got a phone call from gene pitney asking for her so i’m pretty sure my aunt banged gene pitney

5. recently i’ve been watching a lot of terrible romcom movies and every single one has made me cry and it’s been great

That time she didn’t call him James.

That time he almost called her Natalia.

Title: No Flex Zone
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Played: 96478 times




pictures of quicksilver and scarlet witch are totally killing my buzz about ultron though like….wanda is my fave and it’s terrible.