[Bryan Fuller on Margot Verger] In the novel, she’s a very masculine character, who has had years of steroid abuse and is a lesbian, and it was unclear to me in the novel whether she was either transgender or a lesbian as a result of those horrible abuses and that horrible childhood and [Beat.] that’s not how transgenderism or homosexuality works. So I didn’t want to contribute to that misconception of what it is to be transgender or a gay woman. 



"getting ready for exhibition….."- daul kim

remembering this manga I was really into for a long time called lovely complex and how the lead lady was real tall and the lead boy was real short and thinking about jaime and brienne because those kids belong in every romantic comedy sorta situation

although tbh jaime is risa (tall lady) and brienne is otani (short boy) as this gif very clearly demonstrates




The Audrey Hepburn of our Generation

yaaaas @ this funny face homage



I was tagged by somequeerdistortion and I think I won’t tag anyone because its so hard to come up with questions? but these are the rules if you wanna answer my questions?


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  1. Talk about a piece of art that moved you to some powerful emotion.

I mean…I’m gonna talk about fashion because it counts. Louis Vuitton rtw 214 because like…it was nicolas ghesquiere’s debut and it was so exciting and it was like the first time I’ve actually been bothered to wait for a livestream and then freja opened and it was pretty emotional. Plus, the collection was really good.

Big word umm. malfeasance? it’s a good word to say out loud. plus, it’s wrongdoing which is always nice. I literally never use it but um. I like it still.

I don’t think I had one. My family tended to live at real ~outdoorsy~ sort of places so I was usually running around outside (which is really funny because I don’t do that ever now). My grandma got me barbies sometimes but I didn’t care for them (I care for them now, I have more now than I ever had as a child). I read a lot?

Just listen to Bjork’s album Debut. It pretty much fits all of that, it’s perfect.

Baking bread? Probably some kind of food smell. 

Okay, the movie that gave me the most like…gut emotional response was The Deer Hunter which just kind of wrecked me. Recently, 12 Years A Slave was very harrowing (and very good). As for shocking and disturbing in a bad way, well I can’t stand Requiem for a Dream I think it’s lazy shock and it’s silly and I hated it. 

My kindle, my phone and my laptop. It’s boring, I don’t care, they are expensive things I couldn’t replace easily, you know? I hoard a lot of stuff but I don’t really have much emotional attachment to it. I would be sad to lose my prada sunglasses though hmm. 

I’m pretty sure I would try anything once. I kind of want to try jellyfish, I think. I can’t imagine it tastes good but who knows!

All the moomin books. I always recommend these. I have a tattoo from one of them, my blog tagline thing (??) is from one. They are still my absolute favourite books.

Just chill out. That advice is applicable now too though, that is for me at any age. 


Gabriel García Márquez (1927 -2014)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel Prize-winning author, journalist, and screenwriter, died Thursday at age 87, according to a report citing a source close to Marquez’s family.

An Associated Press report did not include the cause of death. (X)


Alla Kostromicheva as Cruella de Vil for Vogue Russia October 2011